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Armchair Detective

Chris Clark

(A retired British Police Intelligence Officer)

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The Grim Ripper

Articles Written By Author

A series of brutal and horrific unsolved murders of unaccompanied women occurred throughout the 1970s in the UK which despite regularly reviewed by the various police force Cold Case Units remain with no suspect or closure for the families left behind.

During 2012 I started out and spent 2 years in conducting a cold case investigation of the research material obtained from these individual cases and a common theme emerged whereby they were considered  to be the most ferocious and manic murder that most of the individual Senior Investigating Officers had come across in their entire career.

Woven into these cases I found 3 further murders which were at the time of them or soon after apparently solved and the offender spending a lengthy time in prison before being released on Appeal under miscarriage of justice and with an unsatisfactory end result with the involved police force “not looking for anyone else” and the individual concerned not having their name cleared to public satisfaction. I refer to Andrew James Evans; Stephen Leslie Downing and Anthony Steel.

Having had favourable newspaper articles published and been interviewed on both TV and Radio I believe that with strong public support that all of the cases that I have revived can be reinvestigated with a view to them being admitted by or written off as being attributed to Peter Sutcliffe now known as Coonan and him being returned to prison.  You can view the articles I have had published about Sutcliffe and other cold cases by clicking on the link opposite or the ‘articles written by author’ in the menu bar.

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